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E pericoloso sporgersi (1993)

 E pericoloso sporgersi (1993)

The title of the movie E pericoloso sporgersi means “Do not bend over” and it’s the text of a warning sign that appeared in the Romanian trains near its windows.

    The action of the movie takes place in the comunist era and  the title is a metaphor for the restrictive communist regime that impeded the freedom of the individual.

    Filmed in the early years after the 1989 revolution, the film depicts on three levels the lives of a soldier, a second-hand actor and an in love high school girl. It represents the cinematic debut of the talented Romanian director Nae Caranfil.

E pericoloso sporgersi screenshot
Horatiu helps Cristina to solve her homework math problems. Sexual tension floats in the air

    A theater troupe is touring a small provincial town on the border with Yugoslavia. Cristina, a high school girl, dreams of being an actress and falls in love with the actor Dino. She is also courted by Horatiu, enlisted in the army in the same city.

    The film has many nuances, is subtle and captures very well the gray of that era. Political frustration is combined with erotic frustration and humorous remarks are not lacking either from this production.

    E pericoloso sporgersi is available for free online viewing and subtitled in English on the Youtube platform. Enjoy !

E pericoloso sporgersi trailer :

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