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Ana, My Love (2017)

 Ana, My Love (2017)

Ana, mon amour is a 2017 Romanian movie directed by Călin Peter Netzer, a film adaptation of the novel Luminița, mon amour by Cezar Paul-Bădescu. Călin Peter Netzer is the director of Child’s Pose, the Berlin Golden Bear winner in 2013. The film follows the atypical story and evolution of a young couple formed during college.

It is the story of the difficult relationship between Toma, from Piteşti, and Ana from Botoşani, who get to know each other as students at the Faculty of Letters in Bucharest.

Traumas from childhood follow Ana in adult life but that does not make Toma abandon her despite the difficulties. He tries to help her by feeding on Ana’s dependence on him and the illusory security that his relationship gives her.

Ana, My Love screen capture
Ana and Toma after making love scene from the movie

Scene after scene the public gets to know the couple better as they marry, have a son, follow different career paths and get involved in different ways with psychoanalysis and religion. Things take another turn when Ana manages to put her life and feelings in order.

A good film, with a strong message and interpretations, which will certainly not be to everyone’s liking, given the colorful language and the explicit sex scenes that spice it up.

You can watch Ana, My Love (2017) online on Netflix.

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