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The Father Who Moves Mountains (2021)

 The Father Who Moves Mountains (2021)

The Romanian film The Father Who Moves Mountains is starring Mircea, a former intelligence officer who finds out that his son is gone missing in the Bucegi Mountains. He joins the local mountain rescue team. When they fail in the boy’s location efforts, Mircea creates his own rescue team.

He will almost literally try to move the mountains to find his son. He is ready to allocate all his financial resources, to risk his second marriage and even the lives of other people. In his blind search he is ready to go over anything and everyone.

The Father Who Moves Mountains movie screenshot
Mircea on the mountains searching for his son

Mircea has to fight a war with himself and with his decisions from the past. A war that takes place in a natural dream setting. Beyond a good image and some good interpretations, the script is not the most convincing and the end remains open.

The film makes you feel the drama of the characters, the suffering, the despair and to understand even more the depth of interpersonal reactions that can be established in extreme situations. The screenplay of the movie is based on real events that took place in December 2008.

You can watch The Father Who Moves Mountains (2021) online with subtitles on the Netflix platform.

The Father Who Moves Mountains trailer :

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