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Oh, Ramona! (2019)

 Oh, Ramona! (2019)

    The movie version of the novel “Suck it, Ramona” by Andrei Ciobanu, Oh, Ramona! is the Romanian movie with the greatest success for cinema audiences in 2019. The film is one with and for teenagers.

    Even if the clichés are in place, the film comes with a touch of originality, the image is good, and the humor is also present. Far from being the best movie you will ever see, it’s enjoyable to watch.

    A well-staged story about love, growing up and the first sexual experiences that the young teenager Andrei goes through. Although I am not the target audience of this film, I found the film pleasant, and I managed to resist until the end.

Oh Ramona movie screenshot
Screenshot from the movie Oh, Ramona! with an erotic scene

    One of the great accomplishments of this erotic comedy is the cast. Director Cristina Jacob knows how to get close to the characters, empathize with them and work with actors of different nationalities. As a result, there is real chemistry between the protagonists.

    Another strong point of the film is, without a doubt, represented by the image and the editing, which rises to certain standards that we have been waiting for a long time from a Romanian film. But, unfortunately, although it is a Romanian film, English is spoken. So don’t expect to learn a few Romanian words by watching the movie.

    You can watch Oh, Ramona! online on the Netflix streaming platform.

Oh, Ramona! trailer :

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