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Untamed Romania (2018)

 Untamed Romania (2018)

Untamed Romania is a documentary about the wildlife from the vast mountains, ancient forests and the Danube delta of Romania. Romania is one of the last countries in Europe that still shelters a wide variety of wildlife. The directors of this movie managed to capture spectacular images of the wildlife from Romania.

    The images will take your breath away, the scientific information about flora and fauna is well-dosed, and the music was composed specifically for the film. The filming crew traveled to over 18 places in Romania, among which we can mention: Piatra Craiului National Park, Făgăraș Mountains, Cozia National Park, Danube Delta, Histria, Vânători-Neamț Natural Park, Bears Cave, Apuseni Mountains, Viscri, Mures River, Danube, Porțile de fier, Cheile Beusnița National Park.

Untamed Romania screen capture
Screen capture from the movie Untamed Romania (2018)

    The film is a plea to protect the environment that still shelters these wonderful wild creatures. The voice of world-renowned actor Mark Strong will guide you through the natural beauties that Romania still offers. This epic documentary unravels over a year and explores all four seasons.

    Watching this documentary, you will be taken on a cinematic journey that will take you to wild areas where animals still make the law. Let’s hope Romania can preserve these undisturbed habitats for many of the continent’s iconic creatures.

    You can watch Untamed Romania (2018) online on Netflix !

Untamed Romania trailer :

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